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Stewarding Your Vocation: Courtney Moore at Union University

Last year I had the opportunity to speak to college students in Jackson, Tennessee at Union Univerisity’s chapel service. This was such an honor for me, not only because I’ve respected Union for years, but also because it brought back memories of my own college years, specifically how the Lord grew within me a passion for His name during that special season. 


As I stood before the students, my heart was filled with hope. I saw before me hundreds of young adults full of potential in a season of life that in many ways would chart the course for the rest of their lives. How my heart longed to show them the excellencies of Christ and spur them on to discover their God-given calling and gifts, to then exercise them fully for the glory of God.


As a Christian university, no doubt there were many in the room who would serve the Lord in vocational ministry, but how might communication majors or pre-med students think about their work through a kingdom lens with a goal of honoring the Lord?


I reminded the students that if the most mundane tasks such as eating and drinking can be used to glorify God, certainly their study habits today and their future work in these secular spaces could as well (1 Cor 10:31). I even gave them ideas of how different majors could image the various attributes of God’s nature. All work can be meaningful to the kingdom of God.


As you watch the playback of chapel below, ask yourself the same questions I asked the students at Union University last year. With this one life God has given you,

  • How do you want to live it? 
  • What kind of person do you want to be? 
  • What ambitions do you hope to achieve in your lifetime? 
  • Will you steward your calling and vocation for His kingdom or your own?

Though you may not live in a dorm room or eat meals in the caf anymore, it’s not too late for you to steward your God-given calling and live your potential to the glory of God. He is worthy!