A Theology of Work. 
By Women.
For the Kingdom. 


Bearing God’s Image and Joining
in His Mission through our Work

God gave His people work to do in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world. Work is not untouched by sin, but it is good, as God allows us to image Him and the way He works through our lives.

Vocation and work are often a charged topic for women – inside or outside the home. Be a homeschool teacher or send your kids to public school? Wash clothes and dishes to the glory of God or work in the corporate world for the same?

In this practical book on the theology of work, read wisdom from women who represent all the realms of where a woman might find herself working and discover how to:

  • Think about calling.
  • Work from weakness.
  • Find joy in wise stewardship, no matter the field.
  • Join the mission of God in both motherhood and childlessness.
  • Image God in both secular and sacred work.
  • Manage and work with men.
  • Grow through conflict.

All work is Kingdom work. As women, let’s join together in celebrating the good gift of work.


Meet the Contributors


Courtney Moore is the founder and president of Women & Work, as well as co-host of the Women & Work Podcast. She holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Mobile and an M.A. in Biblical Counseling from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Courtney is passionate about seeing Jesus Christ honored by women as they steward their gifts and leverage their unique potential for His glory. She and Brent are the proud parents of 3 great kids and live in El Paso, Texas where Brent pastors.


  • Hannah Anderson
  • Jen Oshman
  • Missie Branch
  • Courtney Powell
  • Portia Collins
  • Courtney Reissig
  • Elyse Fitzpatrick
  • Faith Whatley
  • Joanna Meyer
  • Amy Whitfield


“This book is a must-read. Every woman, no matter what season she is in, will find herself somewhere within these pages. 20 years of leading in Corporate America, and I have never read a book that so accurately captures the plethora of issues that we contemplate as Christian women who work and the variety of journeys we are on. I am confident that women will feel seen and encouraged from chapter to chapter as well as emboldened to keep going! Our hearts, hands and feet need this transformative content. This is a book I want all of my friends to read and that I will personally come back to again and again.”

President eCommerce, Stanley Black & Decker