Women & Work

About Women & Work

Our Vision

Women & Work exists to see women confidently step into their God-given calling and view their work as meaningful to the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission

Women & Work inspires women through conversation and biblical content to honor God, image Him to the world through their work, and leverage their potential for His glory.

Our Values

Image Bearers

Women are made in the image of God and are capable of expressing His character through their work as they steward the gifts, abilities, intellect, passions, and potential He’s given them for His glory.

Equal, Yet Distinct

Though we recognize and honor the distinctions God designed between men and women and their differing roles in the home and church, we celebrate work as an opportunity to express the equality of the two genders, especially as it provides a space for women to freely operate in the fullness of who God made them to be.

Work is Good

Work was given by God to both Adam and Eve before the Fall and is a way women and men can fulfill their God-given calling and flourish on the earth.

Vocational Work as a Calling

Long ago, God prepared unique and specific good works for women to walk in. The vocational work He leads women to do and the fruit accomplished through it is included in the “good works” of Ephesians 2:10.

Work as Worship

Work can be considered worship as women offer themselves to God through it and as it progresses His kingdom purposes for the world.

Work in Seasons

Work for women varies depending on the season of her life. Singleness, marriage, motherhood, health, and finances are just a few factors women must consider regarding their work.

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