Women & Work

Prayers for the Weary Worker

Father, we come before you today as women who seek to honor You in all that we do.
We desire to participate in the work of renewing our minds.
We confess all knowledge and learning comes from You, our Source and Creator.
Help us this day to focus and learn what You would have for us.
Father, help us to honor you in all that we learn today.
Holy Spirit, our ability to be able to grow in godliness comes from You.
Correct us where we are in error and strengthen us in our weaknesses.
Sanctify us through Your Spirit and by the power of Your Word.
Help us to grow in Christ-likeness as we seek to honor you.
Spirit, guide our thoughts and minds as we gather today.

We are only able to work unto the glory of God because of the finished work of the Son.
Thank You for the work of the Son on our behalf.
We acknowledge that in spaces where differences abound,
As people who have been called by You,
We have all things in common in Christ.
Jesus, help us love one another as You have loved us today.

God, forgive us where we seek to use our work as a way to build our own kingdom instead of Yours.
Help us to see our coworkers, bosses, and employees as people who are made in Your likeness.
We confess we do not always seek to honor You in all that we do.
Forgive us when we find our identity in our working rather than in our image bearing.
Remind us that all of our callings flow from the primary calling of being like You and making Your name known in all the world.
Help us to be women who are committed to using our giftings and abilities as a way to glorify You and help to advance Your Kingdom.
Remind us to rest from our work.
Our need for rest is the way we imitate your work in Creation.
Our need for rest also reveals our own limitations and finiteness.
We confess only You are limitless and only You are infinite.
Help us find rest from our labor and give us new mercies for each day ahead.

From the foundations of the earth, you have established men and women to be co-laborers;
To fill the earth and subdue it;
To participate in work and acknowledge it both as good and from You.
Because of sin and the broken world we live in,
We confess that work can be toilsome and grueling.
It can feel tiring, pointless, and disconnected from our faith.
Give us a renewed vision of work fueled by Your Word.
Help us to view our laboring as a way to image You in the world.

We thank You for the ways You have uniquely gifted each of your children.
We thank You for careers and callings and how those are ways to apply the giftings we have been given.
We thank You that part of Your good design is to use us as instruments of your grace to the world through our working.
We thank You for the opportunity to show one another honor in our work.
We thank You that we can work excellently and passionately.
Use our labor as a signpost that points to Your goodness and Your glory.

Give rest to the weary
Give grace to the sinner
Give hope to the hopeless
Give strength to the weak
Whatever we do, in word or deed,
We seek to do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,
Giving thanks to God the Father through Him.



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