How Should a Christian Ask for a Raise?

When is it ok to ask for a raise? Is there a biblical way to think through asking for a raise? I started working in the marketplace at age 16 for a small local optician. My starting wage was $6.50 an hour, which felt like an enormous amount of money to me. The concept of […]

How Can I Think About the Billy Graham Rule?

My job involves occasional one-on-one meetings with people of the opposite sex. Should I use the “Billy Graham Rule”? Are there other ways to protect others and myself, particularly in ways that are cognizant of my sin nature and don’t treat others as the problem? I’m so glad you’re asking this question, especially in light […]

Work After The Fall

 He said to the woman: I will intensify your labor pains; you will bear children with painful effort. Your desire will be for your husband, yet he will rule over you. And he said to the man, “Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘Do not […]

Prayers for the Weary Worker

Father, we come before you today as women who seek to honor You in all that we do. We desire to participate in the work of renewing our minds. We confess all knowledge and learning comes from You, our Source and Creator. Help us this day to focus and learn what You would have for […]