A Prayer for Mother’s Day

God, thank you for mothers.
For physical mothers
For spiritual mothers
For faith-filled mothers
For mothers next door
For mothers who have passed onto glory

For women with children still in their home,
Remind them of the importance of this sacred work of nurturing
Help them recall their labors are not in vain.
Give grace for each day, hour, minute.
May their love and grace and stewardship flourish and grow

For women who long to be mothers,
Remind them You are the God who sees.
Help them recall your Your power in our weakness.
You know their longings and desires.
Give grace for each day, hour, minute.
May their groaning be met with a fresh wave of Your loving comfort and care.

For women who miss their mothers
Remind them You are the God of restoration and one day, all that is broken will be made whole.
Help them remember what is good and true.
You are intimately acquainted with their grief
Give grace for each day, hour, minute
May their sorrows turn into joy as they recall Your goodness and faithful love.

For women with children who are grown and gone,
Remind them that You uphold their families with your righteous right hand
Help them steward and grow new gifts and passions in this new season
Give grace for each day, hour, minute
May their children rise and call them blessed as You bless the fruits of their labors.

On this Mother’s Day,
We remember the importance of the faith of mothers
We are thankful for how You have used mothers to accomplish Your purposes
That mothers matter in Your kingdom.
Today, we honor You as we honor them.



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