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Work and Our Labor in the Lord by Dr. James Hamilton

Book Club and Live Author Q&A

Work and Our Labor in the Lord

What is a theology of Work? 

Work has been a part of God’s good creation since before the fall―created to reflect his image and glory to the world. What are we to make of this when work today is all too often characterized by unwanted toil, pain, and futility? In this book, pastor, professor, and biblical scholar James Hamilton explores how work fits into the big story of the Bible, revealing the glory that God intended when he gave man work to do, the ruin that came as a result of the fall, and the redemption yet to come, offering hope for flourishing in the midst of fallen futility.

Read more of Dr. Hamilton’s work at www.jimhamilton.info, and follow him on Twitter @DrJimHamilton.

The Call to Follow

Book Club and Live Author Q&A The Call to Follow: Hearing Jesus in a Culture Obsessed with Leadership Reexamining the Nature of Leadership and “Followership”

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