Introducing Our New YouVersion Devotional: “Image God Through Your Work”

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest devotional on YouVersion! It’s time to dive into the transformative study we have prepared for you.


In the Garden of Eden, even before sin entered the world, God entrusted His people with work. While work has been affected by sin, it remains a noble endeavor that allows us to reflect God’s image and emulate His ways. Join a community of women as we celebrate the beautiful gift of work and discover that all work, regardless of its nature, is Kingdom work.


This 5-day devotional takes you through key biblical passages, illuminating these truths:

  • We are created to work.
  • Work is inherently good.
  • Work has been tainted by sin.
  • Through redemption, work is restored.
  • Work has eternal significance.


This devotional beautifully complements the themes explored in our book and serves as an excellent primer while you eagerly await your copy or prepare yourself for an enriching read. 



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