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Made for More by Hannah Anderson

Book Club and Live Author Q&A

Made for More with Hannah Anderson

After a fabulous Fall 2020 Book Club that included discussion groups that spanned 15 states and 4 countries, the season concluded with an interview with Hannah Anderson, the author of Made for More: An Invitation to Live in God’s Image.

In this Q&A, Courtney Moore, founder and president of Women & Work, and Courtney Powell, Book Club Coordinator covered topics with Hannah such as:

– what image-bearing has to do with work
– why non-income-producing work is just as important as paid work
– the purpose of learning and knowledge
– how we can love our neighbor through our work
– how the providence of God works hand in hand
with the sovereignty of God and why that matters regarding our work

We pray this conversation will encourage and challenge how you think about yourself as an image-bearer and transform how you carry out the work God has called you to.

About Made for More

Who are you, really?

In an uncertain world, we crave the security of knowing exactly who we are and where we belong. But too often as women, we try to find this safety in our roles and relationships, our professional accomplishments, or our picture-perfect homes. And as we do, our souls shrink smaller and smaller. It’s because these things aren’t made to hold us.

In Made for More, Hannah Anderson invites you to re-imagine yourself, not simply as a set of roles and categories, but as a person destined to live in the fullness of God Himself.

Starting with our first identity as image-bearers, Hannah shows how Jesus Christ makes us people who can reflect His nature through our unique callings. She also explores how these deeper truths affect the practical realities that we face as women—how does being an image-bearer shape our pursuit of education, our work, and even our desire for holistic lives?

Because you are made in God’s image, you will only ever know yourself—only ever be yourself—as you find your identity in Him. Find it now.

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