Women & Work

Lindsey Bomgren

Founder of Nourish Move Love

This month at Women and Work we are going to feature Lindsey Bomgren, founder of Nourish Move Love. Lindsey, please share with us a little bit about yourself and the work that God has called you to.

I’m a mom of 3 littles from Minnesota who loves fitness. I played sports my whole life and went on to play college volleyball. After graduating college and getting a corporate desk job, I struggled with finding time for movement so I started running marathons, which lead to fitness competitions, which lead to teaching group fitness classes…and I fell in love with teaching group fitness. For the longest time I wondered why God put a fire in my heart for group fitness (it’s not exactly a full time career that I could pursue or support my family with). But God can use whatever He wills. So in 2015 I left my corporate career to pursue starting an online fitness business. And after 8 very challenging but fruitful years, I fully believe God is using my business, Nourish Move Love, as my ministry. I get the opportunity to show up in homes all over the world, sharing my love of fitness and whispering the name of Jesus.

How did you decide to start your own business and how have you seen it grow and change over the years? Do you have any advice for women wanting to start their own business or even grow professionally?

I always knew I wanted to pursue my own business in the health and fitness space. So I decided to live off my base salary and set aside all my sales commission for 2 years. Once I had enough money saved I decided to quit my corporate sales job and pursue starting my own business in 2015. I started by filming workout DVD’s (which dates me a bit)…and speaks to how much my business has changed over the years. Now we stream workouts on our website and YouTube; allowing us to share completely free content, but monetize off ad revenue. My number one piece of advice for starting a business or growing professionally is consistency compounds. You just gotta keep showing up and putting in the work.

How have you seen God use your work to encourage others as well as encourage you?

It’s absolutely amazing to see God’s hands all over my business. As any entrepreneur knows, growing your own business is just plain hard. And there were so many times I wanted to quit. But literally every time I wanted to walk away, a message would land in my inbox from some stranger sharing how my workouts had impacted or changed their life for the better. God has a funny way of showing up like that to let us know we are on the right path.

What have been some of the joys and challenges in your work and life and how have you seen God move through those circumstances?

It’s been so amazing to grow this business. One of the greatest joys has been getting to use my business for good — we’ve been able to fully fund two clean water systems (one in Haiti and one in the Dominican Republic). We’ve also been able to support amazing, faith-based organizations like Healing Waters, Emerge Mothers Academy and Project 42. It’s so cool to see the ripple effect of our little business. But of course it also comes with challenges. Most recently, I tore my meniscus and had to have knee repair surgery in the fall of 2022. It was a very long, hard recovery and as you can imagine very difficult to film workout videos with a hurt knee. It certainly tested my faith, but forced me to grow both personally and professionally.

Why do you think it’s important for all women to spend time physically taking care of themselves and how does that fit into their spiritual walk with God?

I believe fitness is a discipline that carries over into other areas of our life; like spiritual discipline. I also believe that doing physically hard things makes us more capable of handling all the mentally and emotionally hard challenges we face in this life. God does not promise Christians an easy life; in fact, quite frankly He promises the opposite (just read the Sermon on the Mount the narrow path is difficult). If we are going to be ambassadors for Christ we need to prepare our hearts, minds and bodies to do it well.

Lastly, what is one piece of advice you would want to give all women who are wanting to grow in the area of personal fitness?

Just start, where you are (at home), with what you have (no equipment needed), and do what you can do (10 minutes is greater than 0). Again consistency compounds. Just keep showing up. I’m also a very big fan of setting progress goals vs aesthetic goals. For example, a goal like I want to do 10 push ups from my toes is a great progress goal that will help you keep showing up for yourself vs I want to lose 10 lbs (that aesthetic goal isn’t as motivating to work towards).

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