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A Holy Pursuit by Dianne Jago

Book Club and Live Author Q&A

A Holy Pursuit with Dianne Jago

What is God up to when the dream you were pursuing doesn’t turn out like you hoped it would?
What do you do when your dream becomes an idol in your life and you need to lay it down?
How can we pursue our goals with the help of God and His Spirit empowering us to take each next step with confidence and faith?

Learn all of this and more as the author of A Holy PursuitDianne Jago, chats with Courtney Moore, founder + president of Women & Work, and Courtney Powell, Women & Work Book Club Coordinator. You’ll also hear about how Dianne began her beautiful magazine, Deeply Rooted.

A Holy Pursuit: How the Gospel Frees Us to Follow and Lay Down Our Dreams  was the second book chosen for the Women & Work Book Club. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

About A Holy Pursuit

The world says, “Follow your heart.” Some Christians say, “lay down all your dreams and passions.” But what does the Bible say?

“Chase your dreams and follow your heart, no matter the cost” is the call of the world today. The opposite extreme, often advised by well-meaning Christians, is to lay down all of our dreams and passions, avoiding all self-interest.

One narrative says to follow a passion, and the other says to lay it down. Both claim to offer happiness and purpose on the other side. But what does the Bible say about dreams, goals, and passions?

With compelling illustrations from Dianne Jago’s unexpected journey in creating Deeply Rooted Magazine, along with thoughtful scriptural examples, Dianne shares an honest account of how God changed her plans and aligned them with His.

As you read this book, you will be challenged to look upward instead of inward, seeing the God-given purpose of every Christian as the foundation of your “dreams.” Scripture shapes a believer’s pursuits and the gospel speaks to our passions. Instead of the one-size-fits-all formula for dream-chasing, “A Holy Pursuit” will help you identify whether it’s time to pursue, pause, or surrender a dream you hold.

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