Women & Work

Episode 61: Krystal Wilson

Former Police Officer

Krystal has been blessed to live a life full of experiences. She’s a former D1 softball player, saved at age 23, a former police officer, mother of 2 on earth, 1 in heaven and 1 in the womb. She’s worked in finances, been an event planner for a Southern Baptist seminary, and is currently a project manager for a pro-life, whole life Christian ministry.


In this episode, Krystal shares mostly about her time as a police officer. She discusses:

  • What led her to desire this profession
  • What police academy was like, especially as a woman
  • What a typical day looks like as an officer
  • How she viewed her work as a police officer through the lens of the kingdom of God
  • How she responds to critiques that women should not serve in this role
  • What the average citizen should know about this work


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