Episode 60: Whitney Pipkin

Journalist & Author

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Whitney K. Pipkin is a journalist and writer living with her husband and three kids in Northern Virginia where they are members of Grace Bible Church. She serves as the written content coordinator for the ministry Women & Work and the author of We Shall All Be Changed: How Facing Death with Loved Ones Transforms Us, releasing February 2024 from Moody Publishing. Find her @WhitneyKPipkin on Instagram and Twitter, and read more of her work at WhitneyKPipkin.com.

In this episode, Whitney shares about:

  • The importance of curiosity and hard work in journalism
  • Building relationships and maintaining connections in the industry
  • Her personal experiences with grief and loss
  • The process of writing and the role it plays in processing emotions
  • Balancing work and family life with three young children


Read more of Whitney’s work on the womenwork.net blog, including articles like Why You Need a Hard Stop, How to Think about Work When You Get Overlooked, and (Re)considering the Proverbial Woman.

Whitney’s new book, We Shall All Be Changed: How Facing Death with Loved Ones Transforms Us, will be released in February of 2024.

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