Women & Work

Episode 58: Erica P.

Missionary & Widow

Erica P.  is a graduate of Auburn University where she pursued a degree in electrical engineering. During that time, the Lord gave her a passion for Himself and a burden for the nations. He specifically called her to serve amongst East Asia. 

She married her husband David in 2002 and joined the International Mission Board in 2004 with plans to serve an unreached people group in East Asia. David and Erica, along with their three children, served this people group for 16 years before being forced to leave due to security issues in March of 2020. Little did they know that the Lord would use this to prepare Erica for the loss of David suddenly and unexpectedly in October 2020. 


Since then, the Lord has also continued to place the call of international missions on Erica’s heart and reminded her that though her circumstances had drastically changed, her God and her calling had not. Erica and her children will serve overseas later this year. 

You will love hearing from Erica. In this episode, she discusses with Missie and Courtney:

– How the Lord led her to put down her electrical engineering degree and follow His call to the mission field

– Recommendations for discerning your own call and preparation for a life in missions

– How she met David, how they navigated challenges as missionaries, and how she has dealt with his sudden death

– What married women can do now to prepare if their husbands pass unexpectedly 

– How she has found the resilience and faith to now go back to the mission field as a widow with her three children


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