Episode 45: Jen Oshman

Author, Speaker, PodcasterContributing Author to Women & Work

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Jen Oshman has been in women’s ministry for over two decades on three continents. She’s the author of Enough about Me and Cultural Counterfeits, and her most recent book, Welcome: Loving Your Church by Making Space for Everyone. She hosts a weekly podcast about cultural events and trends called All Things, and she is the mother of four daughters. Jen’s family currently resides in Colorado, where they planted Redemption Parker.

Jen is also a contributing author to Women & Work: Bearing God’s Image and Joining in His Mission through our Work.

In this episode, Jen shares about chapter 4 of Women & Work, which she authored, entitled, “You Are What You Do. Or Are You?” Courtney and Jen discuss:

  • How our identity and value as a woman become tangled with our productivity; how to combat this biblically
  • How to both work hard as unto the Lord, yet all the while knowing that it is God who is at work in you (Philippians 2:12-13)
  • How to practically schedule our calendars in a way that embraces dependence on God instead of hustle
  • How she personally renews her mind and realigns herself when her work life becomes too self-centered or self-sufficient
  • Tools that she uses to make the most of her schedule


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