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Episode 44: Courtney Powell

Director of Ministry Content, Women & Work
Contributing Author to Women & Work

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Courtney Powell holds a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Christian studies from Union University and a MA in church ministry from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to being an Operations Consultant for a non-profit, she also serves as the Director of Ministry Content for Women & Work, where she helps to create and promote content that encourages and inspires women to use their gifts for the advancement of the kingdom. She lives with her husband and three daughters in Arvada, Colorado where her husband serves on staff with Storyline Church.

Courtney is also the author of chapter 3 in Women & Work, entitled, “Am I Called?” In this episode, she discusses: 

  • The importance of community in the believer’s life to help form us and discern God’s call on our lives
  • How she makes sense of her own vocational journey, which could appear disjointed 
  • How she images God in both lanes of her work: the creativity of a musician and the administrative aspect of working in operations
  • One of the 3 myths of calling from her chapter, i.e., that there is no “highest calling” for women apart from walking in obedience to Christ
  • A biblical understanding of calling
  • Four ways to discern what vocation God is calling you to next
  • When God leads us to an assignment we don’t want to be called to, similar to Jonah being called to Ninevah
  • The beauty of diverse callings in the body of Christ


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