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Episode 3 Michele Coats, Founder, Principal of El Paso Christian School

Episode 3 Michele Coats

Founder + Principal of El Paso Christian School


In this month’s episode, founder and principal of El Paso Christian School, Michele Coates, discusses with us what led her to start a classical private school after years as a teacher in the public school and how God paved the way to bring it to life. She also talks about her physical and mental journey along the way.

She discusses:
– God calling her when she least expected it- to do something that seemed unlikely and even impossible.
– God closing and opening doors in His timing and all of the ways He placed people in her path to help her in her weaknesses.
– The beautiful diversity on display in her school because of its location.
– Her physical health journey and why it was important for her to begin taking care of her temple to be able to accomplish all God has called her to.

Check out her school: El Paso Christian School

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