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Episode 24 Sheila West, Businesswoman & Entrepreneur

Sheila West

Businesswoman & Entrepreneur

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Sheila is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and communicator with thirty-plus years of experience. She was President/CEO of a multi-million dollar company that twice made the INC 500 list of America’s fastest-growing companies which has brought her national recognition and various awards. Sheila served as President of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce after serving on the executive committee for seven years. She was the first woman to serve on the Archery Merchants and Manufacturers Organization Board of Directors, serving three years as Secretary-Treasurer. 


Sheila has experience as a platform, seminar, and panel speaker nationwide, both within the business and Christian community. She is the author of Beyond Chaos: Stress Relief for the Working Woman published by NavPress and founder of Real Living Ministries. 


In this episode, Sheila discusses: 

  • Her personal story of growing up with a single mom 
  • How she came to know the Lord and how God restored her marriage and family
  • The challenges and blessings of building a business alongside her spouse
  • How to lead well and work alongside other people with different personalities and strengths
  • How caring well for customers and clients reflects God’s character
  • What it means to live a synchronized lifestyle as opposed to trying to seek a balanced lifestyle 
  • Encouragement for women to not see their identity in their work but to see their work as an opportunity to honor the Lord and point others to Him


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