Women & Work

Episode 23 Joanna Meyer, Denver Institute’s Director of Public Engagement

Joanna Meyer

Denver Institute’s Director of Public Engagement

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Joanna serves as Denver Institute’s Director of Public Engagement and oversees the Women & Vocation Initiative. Prior to coming to the Institute, she worked in global telecom, nonprofit consulting, and campus ministry with Cru. She served as associate faculty at Denver Seminary and as a sewing instructor at Fancy Tiger Crafts. She has an MA in Social Entrepreneurship from Bakke Graduate University and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

In this episode, Joanna discusses:

  • Her story of how God led her to where she is now serving at the Denver Institute 
  • Living as a single woman and dealing with the loss of being able to birth future children due to health reasons 
  • The importance of discipleship for women and helping them steward their God given gifts 
  • Having a vision for integrating work and calling 
  • What it looks like for women to have godly ambition 
  • The difference between cultural and biblical aspects of gender roles in the church