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Episode 17 Macy English, Owner & Principal Consultant of English Media

Macy English

Owner & Principal Consultant of English Media

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Macy English is the Owner & Principal Consultant of English Media, where she helps businesses with all things sales & marketing. She is a lover of people, culture, marketing, and health, and she strives for all that matters in life. Macy and her husband, JT, live in Arvada, CO, with their two kids and love to travel. 

In this episode, Macy discusses:

  • How she balances being a pastor’s wife, mom, and business owner
  • How she discovered her natural gifts and the path that led her to start her own business
  • The importance of honing your strengths and not trying to do everything 
  • Her favorite aspects of her job and how she helps businesses thrive 
  • Seeking the Lord first when trying to make decisions about careers and jobs 
  • The importance of knowing who God has called you to be, not just what He has called you to do
  • How to respond with grace to those who don’t think mothers should work outside the home 
  • Using the enneagram as a tool to grow and learn as a person