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Episode 13 Amy Whitfield, Executive Director of Communications, The Summit Church

Episode 13 Amy Whitfield

Executive Director of Communications, Summit Church

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Amy Whitfield works as Executive Director of Communications at The Summit Church in Durham, NC. She came into this role after serving as the Associate Vice President for Convention Communications for the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Amy co-authored the book, SBC FAQs: A Ready Reference, with Keith Harper, and alongside Johnathan Howe, she hosts the SBC This Week podcast. She is on the steering team of the SBC Women’s Leadership Network and serves on the board of directors of Women & Work.

Amy lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina, with her husband, Keith, and her 2 children, Mary and Drew.


In this episode, Amy discusses:

– How women can use their gifts on the “front lines” of ministry 

– The importance of showing up and taking opportunities

– How she keeps the gospel at the center of her work in communications  

– The importance of developing people skills and pursuing humility when growing as a leader

– Her experience working in a complementarian setting while leading men on her team 

– The value of having both men and women on the team and how The Summit is modeling this at their church 

– How she and her husband navigate marriage and family when both have key leadership roles 

…and, more!