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Episode 12 Ruth Chou Simons, Artist, Author & Entrepreneur

Episode 12 Ruth Chou Simons

Artist, Entrepreneur, & Speaker

Ruth Chou Simons is a bestselling and award-winning author of several books —including GraceLacedBeholding and Becoming, and Foundations. This month, she released her newest book When Strivings Cease: Replacing the Gospel of Self-Improvement with the Gospel of Life-Transforming Grace.

She is an artist, entrepreneur, and speaker, using each of these platforms to spiritually sow the Word of God into people’s hearts. Through her online shop at GraceLaced.com and her social media community, Simons shares her journey of God’s grace intersecting daily life with word and art. Ruth and her husband, Troy, are grateful parents to six boys–their greatest adventure.

In this episode, Ruth discusses:

– What it was like immigrating to the United States as a young child and how God used these circumstances to bring her family to faith
– How God has used her gift of creativity and the arts in different seasons of her life
– Being a mom to six boys and learning how to surrender to the Lord and experience His sustaining grace
– How she uses her work and art to adorn the gospel
– The importance of beauty in art as we reflect Him as image-bearers
– What it looks like to steward the value of your gifts and work
– How to keep the gospel at the center of your work