Women & Work

How to Discover Your Calling

When I got serious about following the Lord in my late twenties, I started to wonder how my vocational interests and ambitions could best serve the kingdom of God. I read books, listened to speakers, and followed leaders on social media, keeping my ear tuned to the theme of “calling.” Over time, my curiosity crystallized […]

Confessions from a Working Mom

Should I feel bad about being a working mom? Who will care for my children while I work? Am I doing the right thing here? How do I love and care for them as their mother, while also fulfilling my vocational duties? Lord, how do I walk this out in a way that pleases you?

What is Calling?

What. Is. Calling?Can I tell you how long I’ve been asking this simple, three-word question? For at least 25 years, I’d say – from about the time that I first heard the word ring out across the sanctuary in ‘big church,’ while I doodled on the pastel pink bulletin next to my Mom.  [Insert memories […]